Initial travelling problems


At the very start of the journey I was worried about the airport security as I only have a Thai passport despite me living in Germany for 16 years with a temporary unlimited residency permit. Here I want to describe you an incident, so that you will comprehend why I was scared. It happened during our first journey.




The incident happened at the passport control at Frankfurt airport on our way to Thailand via Qatar. We had one more check to go, the last passport control and we were ready to leave. As they let Flo pass easily with a smile and best wishes, it was my turn. After a short check through my documents they gave some information to the security staff via radio set but I did not understand what they said. Flo saw the shock in my face and asked what was going on. He tried to pass by security staff, who immediately held him back. Two police officers came and took me away. I was taken to an empty room in a quiet corridor away from the hustle and bustle of the airport.

Flo was just about to lose control and asked  "why do you need two police officers?" As I had been escorted away by two officers. One officer answered harshly "Security regulations. If you don't back off you will be placed right next to your girlfriend if you're not careful". When he saw me in the dimly lit room, he gave me a big hug. I was still shocked "What's happening ?" I asked,  "No one has told me what is going on." He answered "basic routine. It's about your residency permit. You didn't take the original documents with you. Now they need to do further checks." After a long time and wait they told us everything was alright and we were free to travel  and wished us a restful flight. Despite the fact that I had taken photocopies of my residency permit, I didn't take the originals- what they had wanted. We let them sent postal to Thailand, so nothing goes wrong on our return flight.



To make matters worse once we finally boarded our flight there was turbulences which was very frightening on our already shaken nerves. If you have ever had to take a flight on a small plane while it is stormy outside, you will know exactly what I mean.