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Our names are Flo and Any. We are from the beautiful black forest in Germany and since 2013 we have been a couple. In August 2014 we took our first flight on a plane together. An incredible journey with no budget we went along. The expenditure had been enormously high. One year later we decided we could reduce the cost to a more affordable amount.


Now we go on short trips all around the world and give you insights, on how it is possible to travel to indescribable places with as little money as possible so that it is more affordable. We decided to set a budget of €1000per person when we travel and share information, tricks, hints and stories to the travelled countries.


Our blog only exists because of every single one of you who visit our website consistently. We are looking forward to inspire you with new facts and stories every week. Join us.





I come from "the land of smiles" and love to see new places. My focus, however, is to find the balance between beach, culture, food and shopping. Exchange experiences and get Background information as well as testing my limits. 


I come from the Black Forest and was magically attracted to travel by the film "the beach". Linger on a lonely beach to enjoy the intimate togetherness is just a important as getting to know the culture and the people of the country.